Nick and I met at UT Austin and have been married since October 2005. Together, we've lived in Dallas, East Asia, Boston, and now we're back in Texas (yes!). Our spirited and fun daughter Ellie was born in March of 2010 (double yes!).

Nick is a Type A business dude who loves to think, read good books, and challenge the status quo. I'm more of a right-brain creative-type with a passion for write songs. We both love people, being outside, and UT football. We are pretty ordinary folk, struggling through stuff and always in process as we learn to love each other, love God, and love our daughter Ellie.

Nick has never written a blog post, and it's unlikely he ever will!  So, this blog will mostly be from Caroline's perspective.  You'll hear about things going on in our family, but you'll also hear about songwriting, creativity, faith in Jesus, and how our faith intersects with our everyday.