Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New CD, new website, and new blog

Welcome to the caroline cobb music blog!  Thanks for being here.  I feel a little self-conscious about starting this thing.  Blogs are so strange.  But fun.  Anyway....

There is so much going on right now... I just sent off the new CD, Sing, to the duplication company, and in just a few weeks they'll send 1,000 back my way.  I am so excited.  With my husband Nick's help, I created a new website (he wants me to make sure you know that I did the website design and that he just helped with all of the technical details... but still).  I'm booking shows in LA, TX, and locally here in MA.  Whew.  

But I'm so thankful.  

So, to get straight to it, on this little blog o' mine, I’ll post updates on the new album, concerts as they come along, pictures, descriptions of the new songs and what they mean, and maybe some personal thoughts and happenings.  Please do comment away, put the blog on your Reader, and all of that other good stuff.!