Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girly Girl

First off, I apologize for being such a terrible blogger of late.  I took a nice, kind of unintentional break from reading blogs and writing this one as I worked on getting this one over here up and running.

Sooooo.... I think we have a girly girl on our hands:

Exhibit A: Heels [video]

Exhibit B: Purses [video]

Exhibit C: "Pedicures"

Exhibit D: Baby Dolls

And I didn't even mention the way she loves to play house, hates to be dirty, loves to look at her outfits in the mirror, and loves trying on different shoes.... All. Day. Long.  Oh man, what is this no-makeup, shopping-makes-me-feel-panicky, tomboy mom going to do? :)

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